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8 Street Foods to Try in Bangkok

Bangkok is often referred to the best city in the world for street food and everywhere you look there is something in common; people and food. You can literally wander the streets for weeks, filling your belly until you want to burst, still trying something new every single meal. From fancy shopping malls to outdoor markets to Chinatown, this city is overflowing with street food. There is no bad thing to eat here but we have rounded up the top 8 street foods you have to try in Bangkok.

8. Pork Belly

Depending on whether you want roasted pork belly, or fried pork belly is going to determine where you get this delectable street food in the city. If you go with the roasted pork belly head to one of the Chinese-style roasters, known by the fact they also sell roast duck. The favorite among locals though comes from the Thai vendors who sell the fried pork belly, served up with a tangy and spicy chili sauce.

One of the favorite dishes that involve pork belly is crispy pork with holy basil. Holy basil is unique to Thailand and brings a fiery kick to the dish. Rumor has it some of the best pork belly comes from the vendors at Or Tor Kor market.

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7. Thai Iced Tea

Food isn’t the only thing that visitors can find in the city and if you are looking for something liquid, we highly suggest heading to the streets for some authentic iced tea. This sweet, thirst-quenching, delicious and refreshing drink on a hot day is bound to knock your socks off in terms of flavor and missing out on trying this would be a travesty. Thai iced tea is made from black tea that has been infused with spices such as star anise, cinnamon, cardamom and tamarind seeds.

The sweetness in the tea comes from the condensed milk and sugar that is added to the drink. The most common finish is a swirl of evaporated milk and then the tea is poured over ice. There is an abundance of tea stalls throughout the city that often add their own twist to the drink including aloe vera, grass jelly, and macaroons.

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