8 Natural Wonders of Brazil


7. Encontro das Aguas

The ‘Meeting of Waters’ is one of the main tourist attractions in Manaus, Brazil. For a total of six kilometers the Rio Negro and the Solimoes River run side by side without mixing. The Rio Negro boasts dark black colored water that runs at 2km an hour with a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. Whereas the Solimoes River is a lighter sandy color and flows between 4-6km an hour and has a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. The difference in speed, temperature and water density is how this unbelievable phenomenon is explained.

You will have to travel almost four miles downstream to see where these two rivers actually meet to form the Amazon River. A full day cruise down the Rio Negro will take you to where the rivers meet and provide you with the most spectacular views as well as a fun-filled day on the river. Check out the many tour operators that offer this experience and prepare to be amazed.

Meeting of Waters Brazil

8. The Amazon

The very life spring of the planet; larger than the next eight largest rivers combined, responsible for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the Amazon River is truly a natural wonder. With so many options of starting points, length of trip, and method of travel; there is an experience for everyone. Towering trees sunk into the water, monkeys swinging from branch to branch and an abundance of activities; The Amazon begs to be explored.

Whether you visit it in the rainy season and silently glide through the flooded forests in a canoe or you visit in the dry season with sunny skies and the opportunity to take long hikes; there really is no bad time to come. The Amazon offers experiences such as tree climbing, piranha fishing, caiman spotting and experiences with local rubber-tapper communities. Jungle lodges offer visitors a chance to sleep in the jungle and explore the area on survival trips where river boat excursions offer the chance to chug along the waters and experience the river from a different point of view. However you choose to experience The Amazon it will be an unforgettable experience.

Amazon River

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