8 Natural Wonders of Brazil

8 Natural Wonders of Brazil

The extremely large country of Brazil offers visitors unique and exciting opportunities to explore natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the world. Brazil is full of towering waterfalls, the infamous Amazon River, the world’s largest and diverse wetland and other natural wonders. From the incredible white sand dunes connected by brilliant blue lagoons to the enchanted sunken pools that are full of startlingly clear waters; there is no shortage of breathtaking beautiful things to see. From giant anteaters to pumas and jaguars, to colorful birds and brilliant flora we encourage you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy cities of Brazil and discover the best eight natural wonders of this gorgeous country.

1. Cachoeira da Fumaça (Smoke Falls)

This towering 340m tall cascading waterfall is truly one of Brazil’s best natural wonders. The rainy season is the best time to see the water as it crashes over the ledge into the pool. The dry season can offer only a trickle of water at times but the view is still awe-inspiring. There are two different ways to approach this breathtaking natural wonder:

The first is from the top and a long 6 kilometer hike is required. The hike involves steep natural stairs and offers views of colorful fauna and flora along the way. You will be awarded with one of the most spectacular views in this country as you stand atop the plateau and look out over lush hills and mountain tops. Looking at the actual waterfall from this vantage point takes guts as you must get on your stomach and peer over the ledge. The second way to reach the falls is from the bottom, after a three day trek. Here you can swim in the pool below and look up at one of Brazil’s most amazing waterfalls.

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