8 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Spain


6. High Unemployment

It’s no secret that Spain’s economy has been suffering as of late and in 2015 the country had the second highest unemployment rate of any country in Europe at 24.2 per cent. That’s only slightly behind Greece, a country who’s failing economy has made headlines around the world. If you look at youth unemployment the picture gets even worse with an average youth unemployment rate of 50 per cent for those between the ages of 15-24.

5. There Are No Words

In their national anthem that is. The March Real as it’s known (or Royal March in English) is one of only four national anthems in the world to have no official lyrics. According to experts, though variations of the anthem exist, the original symphonic version should be played in the tone of B major and have a duration of 52 seconds.

Spanish flag
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