8 Gems of Chicago’s Northern Suburbs

8 Gems of Chicago’s Northern Suburbs

Chicago is more than just a windy city with a bustling downtown metropolitan area, it’s also a great place to raise a family and build a home in the suburbs. The suburbs in Chicago are more than just rows and rows of houses, there’s so many great things to do within the community, some areas even have temples, zoos and theme parks! There’s no shortage of fun for the family in this city. Here are eight of the best experiences to enjoy in Chicago’s northern suburbs:

8. Six Flags Great America – Gurnee

Open since 1976, Six Flags Great America is the Chicago metropolitan area’s go-to theme park.  Situated in Gurnee, a town 25 miles to the north of downtown Chicago and only a few miles south of the Wisconsin border, the park features 14 rollercoasters, a handful of carnival games, a water park and more. Six Flags Great America is home to X Flight, one of the world’s first winged coasters that simulates flying through the air, and Raging Bull, a sleek coaster with a near 180 degree drop. There are family rides, live entertainment and dining options, as well as, in what is perhaps its biggest draw, an adjoined water park called Hurricane Harbor. The Chicago climate forces the park to close after the annual Fear Fest-a Halloween theme that runs through all of October-so be sure to visit before then. The Gurnee Mills mall, one of the largest in the country, is right next door, so even if the winds and rain prevent you from enjoying the park, you can spend a day of shopping just down the road.

7. The Grove – Glenview

The area surrounding Lake Michigan, and essentially the entire Midwestern region of the country, is rich indigenous landmarks. All around Chicago, there are nods to the area’s first settlers-streets named after indigenous tribes, city names that derive from indigenous languages. The city of Chicago itself comes from the Potawatomi word for “wild onion.” The Grove, a feature of the Glenview Park District, is perhaps the area’s foremost historical landmark pertaining to its indigenous roots. Located just off Milwaukee road (the namesake of the native Milwaukee tribe), The Grove is 143 acres of prairie that is full of the plant and animal species the native tribes used to subsist off of. Aside from the natural beauty, there are original log cabins, Native American longhouses, and a schoolhouse. Walk one of the nature trails or learn about native species at the Interpretive Center. Whether you’re from the area or just visiting, The Grove is sure bring you closer to the land on which you’re standing.

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