8 Best US Cities for Celebrating for 4th of July

In the United States, people love to celebrate holidays. One of the largest and most exciting bashes is Fourth of July. Not only do people enjoy the hot weather and barbecues, they also enjoy the patriotism. Of course, some cities are more enjoyable for one to celebrate the big holiday. Here are the eight best cities for celebrating the Fourth of July.

1. San Diego

San Diego is synonymous with patriotism. With major military bases dotting the area, most residents love their country. It does not hurt that the city has excellent weather and tranquil beaches. This is a perfect place for a family or single person to spend an extended holiday. One can spend a week in the city without getting bored or restless. The great thing about this city is that a visitor can jump on the freeway and drive a couple of hours to other sites.
San Diego 4th of July

2. Las Vegas

If a reveler wants to live it up, he or she must check out Las Vegas. In this city, revelers can drink all day and night anywhere they please. Furthermore, the day after the bash the party will continue. Without a doubt, a patriotic American will love the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas on Fourth of July. Since Las Vegas is more popular during other holidays, a visitor should have an easy time getting a deal on a hotel room.
Bellagio Las Vegas

3. New Orleans

In reality, the party never stops in this exciting city. An individual seeking a nonstop party must consider buying a ticket to New Orleans. Not only can people drink while walking on the street, they can also enjoy the delicious food and relaxed atmosphere. The great thing about New Orleans is that the residents are accepting and people young and old will have a fabulous time.

New Orleans 1

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4. Denver

Denver is a family friendly spot. In fact, one can take their kids to the city and make it an extended vacation. Adults and kids alike are sure to love visiting the mountains surrounding the city. One thing that makes Denver stand out is the weather; while most of the country basks in the hot sun, residents of Denver enjoy a comfortable summer.
Denver Colorado 1

5. Memphis

In this city, people enjoy the barbecue and the eccentric residents. A person who does not mind the heat will love the ambience of this city. When walking down the street in Memphis, one will quickly realize how friendly residents and are to outsiders. Without a doubt, when looking for unique Fourth of July experience, one must head to Memphis.


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6. Miami

People who love the beach will love Miami. In this city, one can enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach. It is common to see revelers in their early 20s drinking and partying with retired people. A visitor who enjoys glitz and glamour will surely have fun in the South Beach.
Miami 4th of July

7. New York

Every American must visit this city at some point in their life. With this city, a visitor can do anything. Luckily, New York City residents are open-minded. When coming to the city for Fourth of July, one can enjoy a baseball game and fireworks in the evening. This is truly a perfect city to celebrate such an important holiday.

New York 4th of July

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8. Chicago

This city is perfect for the foodie or shopper. When visiting Chicago, one cannot be bored. In fact, many tourists who visit the city do not spend much time in their hotel room as their busy all day. With major firework displays and a parade, one must consider heading to Chicago.

The Fourth of July is a special day to most Americans. A visitor to any of these eight cities will have a grand time on America’s birthday.
Chicago 4th of July