8 Best US Cities for Celebrating for 4th of July

8 Best US Cities for Celebrating for 4th of July

In the United States, people love to celebrate holidays. One of the largest and most exciting bashes is Fourth of July. Not only do people enjoy the hot weather and barbecues, they also enjoy the patriotism. Of course, some cities are more enjoyable for one to celebrate the big holiday. Here are the eight best cities for celebrating the Fourth of July.

1. San Diego

San Diego is synonymous with patriotism. With major military bases dotting the area, most residents love their country. It does not hurt that the city has excellent weather and tranquil beaches. This is a perfect place for a family or single person to spend an extended holiday. One can spend a week in the city without getting bored or restless. The great thing about this city is that a visitor can jump on the freeway and drive a couple of hours to other sites.
San Diego 4th of July

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