8 Best Places in the US to Watch Fall Foliage

8 Best Places in the US to Watch Fall Foliage

How will you travel this fall? If you’re considering a road trip, why not time your travels to coincide with some spectacular fall foliage? No matter how much traveling you’ve done in the states, seeing the United States covered in golds, yellows, oranges, purples, and reds is like seeing a whole new side to your spouse after decades of marriage. If you hit the right locations at the right time, your fall foliage drive will be beautiful, majestic, and breathtaking. Check out the following sites for foliage and have an experience you’ll remember for years and years to come.

8. Napa Valley, California

For fall foliage with a twist, why not visit California’s famous wine region? While many of the trees up in the hills change colors, the best place to witness fiery fall colors is right there in the vineyards. For travelers who have never seen the leaves on a grape vine change from yellows, to golds, to oranges to bold crimsons, it’s a stunning sight – made even better by fabulous bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and vintages that one of the world’s best wine-producing regions has to offer. Silverado Trail is always a great route to take for views of vineyard foliage against the backdrop of the Napa River. Or, book passage on the Napa Valley Wine Train and combine a love of wine, find food, and foliage for one unforgettable trip. Ripening grapes enjoy the crisp, cool evenings, and so will you after an Indian summer day in October.

Napa Valley - Autumn

7. The Driftless Region, Wisconsin

The Driftless Region in Wisconsin provides some of the most breathtaking fall foliage in the Midwest. Twisted oaks and wild hickories are ablaze in oranges and yellows, while basswoods add their own special hue as well. The loop around the Driftless Region provides a soothing 158 mile drive that starts and ends in Mineral Point. Heading north on Highway 23 to Baraboo will lead travelers to sumac and maple foliage. Highway 56, high up on the ridges that run from east to west in the area provides a bird’s eye view of the tops of trees. Choosing Highway 131 takes travelers from north to south through the Kickapoo River Valley for incredible river views. Or, simply take a guided tour of the Driftless Region to see several of these spots. Pinpointing the best time to visit, when the colors pop the most, is difficult, but the first half of October is a good bet.

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