8 Best Juice Bars in Miami

8 Best Juice Bars in Miami

Instead of opting for a second coffee or cocktail, try a glass of fresh juice for a quick, midday energy boost. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice has been purported to heal everything from cancer to acne, and while there is only anecdotal evidence of its healing properties, Miami is full of juice bars that cater to Miamians and tourists looking for a healthier option. It might not be a cure-all, but some holistic health experts encourage juicing for its rich micronutrients that are quickly absorbed into the body. And on one of South Florida’s infamous hot days, fresh juice is the perfect remedy.

8. The Juicery Bar

The Juicery Bar in Brickell is a trendy spot for healthy wraps, smoothies, and fresh pressed juices, all the typical standards of a health-conscious juice bar and café. The Juicery boasts raw 100 percent fresh juice that is made to order. They also offer a juice detox they call their Signature Cleanse for those looking for a weekly detox that promotes weight loss, increased energy, restored liver function, and other benefits from one of the most nutrient dense foods available. Ranging from one to three or five day cleanses ($40—200), they have fruit and veggie juice detoxes for any level. If you’re looking for a healthy lunch with fresh veggies, try their wraps which vary from hummus and feta to fresh mozzarella and grilled chicken. Or choose lighter meals like quinoa bowls and big salads. Then wash it down with one of their house smoothies like the  beta-carotene (carrot, papaya, banana, pineapple) and drink to the day.

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