8 Best Camping Vacations Across Canada

8 Best Camping Vacations Across Canada

The Canadian wilderness has many places where one can escape from the pressures of modern life and find quiet solitude where one can relax and appreciate the natural wonders of the earth. There are many areas one can flee to, but these are the top ten in the hearts of many travelers who like to shed their suits and walk the trails and glide over waters in canoes and kayaks as one steps back into time and becomes one with Mother Nature.

1. Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario

Located roughly 300 km north of Toronto, one can either settle in on a campground full of amenities like flush toilets and hot showers or they can backpack into the wilderness and set up a site where one has to rely their abilities to survive comfortably. Some sites are so remote that they can only be reached by canoe or kayak.

Algonquin Park Canada
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