8 Awesome Waterparks In Europe Photo by: Aqualandia

8 Awesome Waterparks In Europe

While Europe may be better known for rich history, numerous landmarks and noteworthy food and drink, there are other, slightly more slippery attractions to lure the tourists. So if you’re touring Europe this summer, and care to stop off for a sliding, splashing good time, here are some of Europe’s best waterparks.

8. Siam Park, Spain

This huge waterpark located in Adeje, in the Tenerife region of the Canary Islands. Siam Park has  a Thai flavor, complete with dragon-themed rides, a children’s splash park called “Sawasdee” (Thai for ‘welcome’), a “Lost City” water fortress, Mai Thai Lazy River and a raft ride that simulates being in an erupting volcano. There are a couple of highlights: they claim that their wave pool spins the biggest wave in the world, reaching 3 meters high, providing opportunity for surfing and wave riding. The Tower of Power, a high-speed waterslide jets out over an 85-foot drop that includes a ride in a tube through an aquarium that is home to a variety of marine life- including sharks.

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