8 Awesome Things to Do on California’s Kern River


5. Jump off Alligator Rock

Elton John has Crocodile Rock, and the Kern River has Alligator Rock. Located just down the hill from Limestone Campground near Isabella Lake, Alligator Rock is the place to show off your cannonball skills. This rock formation looks like the head of the ancient creature emerging from the river waters below to a height of nearly 10 feet above. A playful outdoorsman has even painted on a pair of smiling red eyes so the alligator can see well enough to judge your form. It’s not uncommon for grown men, giggling teenagers, and even small children to jump from the alligator’s snout with a splash below. The water here is calm and deep enough for feet-first jumping. Plus, there’s plenty of space for waiting parents to catch little ones when they jump. Alligator Rock can be slippery, however, so use caution and accompany children at all times!

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