8 Amazing Images of Uluru


7. Crevices in the Rock

Uluru is, like any other rock formation, subject to the process of weathering; that is what gives it that famous red hue, after all. The inselberg is also not immune to the effects of erosion. Around the landmark, you’ll find waterholes, springs and rock caves. The caves and other formations in the rock, like the ones in this picture, are the result of erosion over thousands of years; Uluru is estimated to be millions of years old, with its initial deposits formed during Cambrian times and later thrust up during a period of Paleozoic mountain-building into the formation we see today. Analysis of Uluru’s formation shows evidence of a relatively fast rate of erosion, especially of its granite components. Uluru is also in large part sand, which means rain water makes deep cuts in the surface as it travels down the rockface.

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