8 Amazing Family Destinations in Thailand Photo by: Elephants World

8 Amazing Family Destinations in Thailand

Thailand is such an ideal destination to visit as a family, no matter what age the kids are. Thais have such a robust, healthy love for children and welcome them—all of them—with open arms. Throw in that genuine national warmth, add in a huge range of kid-friendly entertainment and amenities, and you’ve got a recipe for holiday success. Swaths of white sand beaches, amusement and water parks, dynamic cities, and awe-inspiring national parks indulge families with an enormous number of choices for adventure, relaxation, and “edutainment”, a growing theme across the country.

8. Go Hiking in Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park is less then three hours northwest of Bangkok and most famous for its incredible waterfall, featuring seven cascading tiers to the pool below. This is a wild and wonderful spot for sure-footed kids, who are usually blown away by the natural wonder and love hiking from tier to tier, sliding into the pools off boulders, and making new friends along the 1.5 kilometer trek. There are three nature trails ranging from one to two kilometers, a cave to be explored with onsite guides, and bikes for rent which push distances closer. This is a destination you won’t want to miss and perfect for a day trip from Bangkok. The large population of primates, caves, and interesting flora add plenty of depth to an excursion. Kanchanaburi is a lovely town with plenty of family-friendly accommodations and attractions—stay a few nights and enjoy this mainland gem.

Erawan National Park, Thailand
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