7 Unforgettable Backdrops on California’s 17 Mile Drive

7 Unforgettable Backdrops on California’s 17 Mile Drive

California’s 17 Mile Drive winds along a dramatic coastline connected to the Pacific Coast Highway, a world-renowned coastal drive with a wealth of striking natural attractions. Pay a small fee to embark on the natural beauty of 17 Mile Drive, a road leading through oceanfront areas and alongside upscale neighborhoods. Leading through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove, you’ll be treated to many famous sites including untouched Del Monte Forest, world-famous golf courses, incredible wildlife viewing, and some of California’s most pristine and impressive beaches where you can stay awhile and absorb the exquisiteness.

7. Pescadero Point & Ghost Trees

The gnarled, white trees within Pescadero Point are a major attraction along California’s 17-Mile Drive. These pale, ghostly trees are clustered along the coast at Pescadero Point, evoking images of ghosts for their eerie, usual appearance. The legend of Lady in Lace is a long-standing tale surrounding the most famous Ghost Tree on the Pebble Beach coast: the fable surrounds a woman’s image appearing on foggy, dark nights, in the middle 17-Mile Drive road, claimed to have been spotted by drivers on route. Many say the image is Dona Maria del Carmen Barreto, a previous land owner in Pebble Beach, while others suggest it’s simply refracted light. The sun-bleached Ghost Tree is also at a point of coast renowned among surfers to produce some of the biggest waves on the California Coast and the views south to Carmel are sublime.

Pescadero Point California

6. Spanish Bay

Spanish Bay is a point on 17-Mile Drive that is so scenic and inviting, stopping the car for a look around is practically a rite of passage. Here, the beach and rock-fringed coastline is especially awe-inspiring with alabaster sand, rocky peaks featuring sensational stand-alone trees, and a picnic area which provides a memorable spot for lunch or a snack. This is a place you won’t want to leave, and one that isn’t usually crowded considering how spread out 17-Mile Drive is. One of the most revered resorts, The Inn at Spanish Bay, sits on Carmel Bay along the southern coast of the Monterey Peninsula within the 17-Mile Drive gates. It overlooks the famous and world-class Links at Spanish Bay, one of the most dramatic golf courses in the country. You’ll pay a hefty fee to play the 4.5-hour course but it’s worth every penny.

The Inn at Spanish Bay California
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