7 Things To See And Do In Hokkaido, Japan


Rebun and Rishiri Islands

Along the northern tip of Hokkaido, a series of tranquil fishing villages are part of another magnificent national park named Rishiri‑Rebun‑Sarobetsu. Slow down, peruse a natural landscape of aromatic wild flowers, and hike through thickly forested areas along fairly easy trails. Sitting about nine kilometers north of Rishiri, Rebun is best visited in June through August when the backdrop is brilliantly coloured with flowers. Mount Rishiri is the dramatic but dormant volcano in this park, giving way to the rolling hills and alpine flora of Rebun Island. Shiretoko Five Lakes can be explored along a series of boardwalk trails, edged by the lakes, and located in an ancient forest at Mount Rausu’s base (but can only be done with a registered guide). Another point of interest is Utoro, on the western peninsula point and known for its thriving fishing industry, professional trekking guides, and hot spring spa.

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