7 Things To See And Do In Hokkaido, Japan


Shiretoko National Park

Shiretoko is on Hokkaido’s easternmost edge, a peninsula fringing the Sea of Okhotsk, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home to a wide variety of wildlife including white-tailed eagles, sea birds, earless seals, and brown bears with a healthy salmon run in the rivers ideal for fishing. Shiretoko National Park is beautifully secluded, a wonderful place to escape the bustle of Japan’s fascinating but chaotic cities and experience a very natural, sometimes surprising, side of the country. If you’re hoping for a look around the park, note accessibility is tough, happening mostly by foot, boat, and then several days of hiking, but is entirely worth the time and effort. If going it alone isn’t in the cards, there are several tour companies offering excursions through the park to see the hidden points like natural waterfalls, rock formations, and wildlife viewing including whales, dolphins, and more.

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