7 Things to See and Do in Fiji


5. Explore Taveuni

It is known as Fiji’s garden island, although its jungle interior resembles more of a rugged Tarzan like atmosphere. Regardless this island is hot, wet and blanketed in palms, ferns and tropical wildflowers. Much of the island is protected national park, meaning visitors will have the chance to glide through clear waters on a bamboo raft, cool off under towering waterfalls and hike along the breathtaking beaches. The hikes on this island are absolutely stunning but if you are looking to explore underwater, there is plenty of opportunity for that too. A diverse marine life and incredible corals draws snorkelers and divers from around the world to discover the Somosomo Strait, Waitabu Marine Park and Vuna Reef. Get here by hitching a ride by plane or boat from Viti Levu.

4. Take a Seaspray Sailing Adventure

The chance to explore beautiful beaches, lagoons and crystal clear water awaits visitors when they board the 85-foot classic sailing schooner, the Seaspray. This schooner departs daily from Mana Island and offers a fun-filled day for visitors anchoring at several islands. Modriki Island is the first stop where you can go ashore and explore the deserted island, snorkel the colorful reefs or simply sunbathe on the soft sand. This also happens to be the island from Tom Hank’s movie ‘Cast Away’. Yanuya Island is the next stop where guests will have the chance to visit a traditional Fijian Island Village, being welcomed onshore with a traditional Kava ceremony. Everything is included on this boat including morning and afternoon tea, a delicious barbecue lunch and all wine, beer and soft drinks.

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