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7 Things to See and Do in Fiji

It isn’t hard to understand why people of all ages want to travel to Fiji on their next vacation. Images of lush green tropical rain forests, stunningly clear waters and white sand beaches fill our screens when we google “Fiji”. Time and time again we are told about the incredible resorts, the unique villages, the unbelievable diving and snorkeling and the magic of the people. So why wait? Fiji is becoming more affordable and travelers are discovering even more great things about the island. Here are our top seven choices of things to see and do in the wonderful world of Fiji.

7. Visit Viseisei Village

According to locals Viseisei village which is located 12 kilometers north of Nadi is the oldest settlement in Fiji, believed to have been founded by some of the first settlers more than two millennia ago. This village has also been home to some of Fiji’s leaders and hosted dignitaries such as Prince Charles. You will have to pay the ladies at the craft market to take you around, a fee that costs only $3 and is well worth it. Visitors will get a real sense of village life and see things such as a traditional chief’s hut and ceremonial drums, as well as the Methodist Church. An important monument is in this village, and includes both a cross and neck-breakers club, that was used in past times by Fijian cannibals. Make sure to cover up here, both your knees and shoulders as anything less is disrespectful in this setting.

6. Dive in Beqa Lagoon

It is considered one of the best diving locations in all of Fiji and the perfect location for those wanting to take a dive vacation. It is home to more than 100 dive sites and some just a five-minute boat trip from shore. Expect to see blue ribbon eels, seahorses, ghost pipefish and more as you explore this underwater oasis. Above water make sure to spend some time at one of the awesome dive resorts which feature beautiful accommodations, private plunge pools, excellent dining choices and more. As an added bonus, it is extremely easy to reach from the main island of Fiji, letting divers slip in the water without taking a domestic flight out to the outer islands.

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