7 Small B.C. Towns with Big Appeal

7 Small B.C. Towns with Big Appeal

British Columbia is blessed with a variety of climates, landscapes, and incredible small towns. Whether you are looking for lush green mountains, the crashing ocean, awesome lakes or powdery snow; you will find it in this province. Small towns give residents and visitors the best of both worlds, access to the unparalleled beauty and a strong sense of feeling like you belong. Whether you want to surf among the mighty waves in the Pacific, meander down streets lined with independent boutiques or challenges the rapids in the mighty rivers; it is all at your fingertips. From the mountains to the coast to the valleys; here are 7 small B.C. towns with big appeal.

7. Nelson, BC

With a population of just over 10,000, this town is surrounded by an abundance of natural resources and breathtaking scenery. This scenic mountain community is an eight-hour drive from either Vancouver or Calgary and boasts a laid-back lifestyle that has caused artists of all kinds to flock here. The community has worked hard to maintain the Victorian-era homes and downtown heritage buildings, as well as building a vibrant lifestyle for its citizens. Expect to find organic food, farmers, markets and a few hippies in this town.

What Nelson offers is a healthy, outdoor lifestyle, where residents spend their days enjoying Kootney Lake through various water sports. The community here is known to be accepting, supportive and welcoming; and boasts a fantastic music scene and coffee shop culture. With incredible people, an awesome landscape and plenty of opportunity for active living, Nelson offers just about everything anyone could ask for.

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