7 Places Where You’re Among Friends in Ireland

7 Places Where You’re Among Friends in Ireland

Ireland is a country that exceeds the expectations of everyone who visits. The town’s really are that colorful, the land really is that green, the landscapes that spectacular, the food that good and the people that friendly. It is a land of juxtaposition; the harsh climate and rugged coastline combine seamlessly with the sprawling farmland, gently rolling hills, and the pristine lakes leading up into the dramatic peaks. No matter where you are in Ireland though, one aspect remains constant: the people. The locals are truly some of the friendliest and welcoming people you will come across in your travels. Their prime objective is to help you fall in love with their country as they once did. They are a proud people, but joyful and happy; the locals in Ireland are what makes this country such a wonderful place to visit at any time of year!

7. Aran Islands

If you want to step back in time, to a place where the animals far outnumber the people and cars are almost non-existent, then come to the Aran Islands. Named for the cluster of three islands that makes up this archipelago, (Inishmore, Inishmaan, Inisheer) the Islands in the Atlantic Ocean are a place where locals are friendly and welcoming while the food is home cooked and delicious. The best way to see the islands is by bike; all three have rental companies with plenty of options. Inishmore is the largest and the most often visited by tourists on day trips from Galway or Dublin; if you want the whole island to yourself, plan to stay overnight – almost no one does, and you are treated like royalty by the locals if you do. Explore the historical landmarks, like the Dun Aonghasa and the Worm Hole and marvel at the Cliffs of Aran, a spectacular and dramatic 300ft coast, not unlike the Cliffs of Moher (but with fewer crowds). The beaches are beautiful, clean and uncrowded, but almost always freezing! Before you catch a ferry back, wander some of the local shops for your chance to buy some traditional Aran Wool alongside some beautiful and handmade products that make for a perfect souvenir!

Aran Island, Ireland
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