7 of the Coolest Restaurants in Tokyo Photo by: Thierry Draus via Flickr

7 of the Coolest Restaurants in Tokyo

The restaurant list across Tokyo is endless, from Michelin rated dining spots to tiny but excellent food stalls. The breadth of choice is absolutely astounding—and a food-lover’s paradise. No matter if you’re peckish or famished, craving something spectacular or ordinary, or if you’re hunting down the best sushi restaurant or most popular burger joint, you’ll find it with a little patience and perseverance. In Tokyo, you’ll also find some genuine curiosities—from exclusive restaurants to places with fun, quirky themes. Tokyo’s urban landscape features some of the coolest food-stops in the world.

7. Ninja Akasaka, Chiyoda

Ninja Akasaka is exactly the kind of place you might find someone like Lady Gaga—yes, she’s been here and so has Stephen Spielberg, two types who you might imagine would appreciate a ninja-themed restaurant. Outside, Ninja Akasaka looks like a clandestine hideout, featuring a jet-black door that’s fairly non-descript. Enter and you’re enveloped by black paneled walls—take a few steps in and black-clad Japanese ninjas appear, they lead you to the hidden entryway and walk you through a labyrinth into “Ninja Village”. This hidden fortress features a waterfall spilling from one side and the semi-separate rooms are Japanese style all the way. Order Japanese, Chinese, or French cuisine from the menu—it’ll be cooked up by chefs with some serious global experience. And your meal? Yup, you guessed it: ninja-shaped food and all the while you’ll be entertained by ninja antics.

6. Aronia de Takazawa, Minato

Aronia de Takazawa is the kind of place Foodies flock to but here, they usually don’t get a seat. Chef Takazawa runs a tight ship at his restaurant, which features only two tables and a stainless steel kitchen. Actually, its austerity is quite captivating and you’ll be wondering why it took you six months to get a reservation, but you’ll fall head over heels once you try the dishes. Find Aronia de Takazawa by looking at door handles, not signs, for the restaurant name is engraved there. Yoshiaki Takazawa is a master chef, a chef so prized people will actually make reservations far in advance—and you should too. Meals are a sensory, arty enterprise gone completely right blended with a serene, traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Akiko, Takazawa’s wife, works by his side, creating astounding, 10 course meals that will teach your palate something new indeed.

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