7 Cities to Visit in Spain Before You Have Kids


5. Seville

If you;re looking for an authentic Andalusian experience, what better place than the capital city of the region? Seville touts itself as the birthplace of tapas and flamenco music so you know they’re going to celebrate that fact in every way they can. Visit one of the many sophisticated theaters and performance spaces or bar hop, sampling the wealth of delectable Andalusian tapas and listening (or more likely dancing) to traditional Spanish music.

4. Bilbao

The city of Bilbao come from rough roots of industrialization and many would say this city was more of a wasteland of industry than a place to visit, but thanks to the opening of the shiny Guggenheim Museum here, this place is now a major European arts center.  While other arts cities may come across as uppity, Bilbao’s hasn’t let the plethora of galleries and performance spaces go to it’s head. First and foremost. this artsy city remains true to it’s down-to-earth soul.

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