7 Charming Places to Visit in Cuba


6. Matanzas

Welcome to the ‘real Cuba’ is a phrase that is often associated with Matanzas. The city offers little in the way of standard tourist sights but offers a ton of under-the-radar pleasures. This town is the home of Cuba’s finest provincial theaters and is the birthplace of most of the eloquent poets and writers. Two forms of Cuban music were hatched here, the danzon and rumba, along with various religions of African origin. It is a town loaded with interesting history and thriving with cultural life. There are a few beaches here, close to the downtown center where locals are often seen swimming and fishing and visitors are always welcome to join. More than likely though you will be listening to some drummers in the Marina neighborhood, hanging with the artists and dancing the nights away on the streets. Expect to stay in casa particular, eat amazing freshly made food and meet some of the most interesting people in the country.

Matanzas cuba
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