7 Awesome Canadian Food Festivals

7 Awesome Canadian Food Festivals

With a country so diverse in tastes and cultures, it’s no wonder that Canadians develop and attract a unique breed of food enthusiasts who find cause to celebrate any and all things pertaining to the culinary arts. Cold winters and remote locations have no bearing on the Canadian foodie spirit, with food-centered events highlighting every season of the year and spanning across provinces coast to coast. From hilarious celebrations of Canadian food staples to sophisticated culinary and tasting events, here are 7 of the most awesome food and culinary festivals to check out in this incredible country.

7. Prince Edward Island Fall Flavors Festival

A month-long culinary event, the Prince Edward Island Fall Flavors Festival takes place this year from September 4 to October 4. Featuring a number of small sub-festivals, namely the Beef N’ Blues, International Shellfish Festival and Lobster Party on the Beach (yum!), the festival also boasts a myriad of other events across the island consisting of both educational and cooking/tasting components. This year’s event is already poised to be one for the books, with big name Food Network chefs such as Michael Smith, Lynn Crawford and Anna Olson (among others) all slated to host a variety of drool-worthy culinary experiences.

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