The Best Ways To Delve Into Goa

  1. Enjoy Wildlife Spotting

Find Goa’s wild side throughout the many wildlife sanctuaries scattered through the province within the Western Ghats, a hotspot for biodiversity and one of the most famous in the world. Goa’s biggest and most impressive sanctuary is Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary in Molem. It’s a thickly forested environment home to a diverse array of animals and hundreds of species of birds, all best seen over at least a few days. Jungle cats, spotted deer, pythons, Sambar, and even tigers make their homes in this spectacular wildlife preserve. In southern Goa, Canacona’s Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is  swath of deciduous forest where rare plants and towering trees set the landscape and the canopy keeps habitats cool from the burning sun. Skirting Karnataka state’s border, many animals make their home here including the Indian Gaur, one of the largest bovine species in the world.

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