6 Scenic Ways to Navigate Norway


5. Jaeren National Tourist Route

Boundless ocean expanses, broad horizons, and bursting skies define Jaeren National Tourist Route along the southern stretch of Norway. If undulating sand dunes and golden beaches sound idyllic, make time for this iconic drive, interrupted only by salmon-filled rivers and massive boulders. For 40 incredible miles, you’ll drive an expanse of road between the village of Ogna and all-time surfing favorite Bore, in Norway’s Rogaland county in western Norway (also known as Fjord Norway). Enjoy respite from the cool-to-freezing temperatures of the north, trading them up for a mild climate and scenic views never devoid of an ocean backdrop. Historic shipping lanes existed here for merchants crossing the North Sea, where lighthouses dot the coast. Jaeren exemplifies one of the lowest lying of Norway’s regions, where stretched out sandy beaches offer excellent destinations to unwind from a long drive, enjoy the backdrop, and witness spectacular sunsets.

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