6 Scenic Hikes in Halton Hills

6 Scenic Hikes in Halton Hills

Not far from the Niagara Escarpment, the Greater Toronto Area near Lake Ontario is home to some of the most scenic places southwestern Ontario has to offer. Halton Hills is somewhat central to everything – comprising Georgetown, Caledon, Acton, Hornby and Limehouse—along with many other small villages in the area—Halton Hills is sometimes overlooked by hikers and outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its more famed neighbors. But that doesn’t mean Halton Hills doesn’t have some great trails, so get off the beaten path with these 6 hikes through the area.

6. Limehouse Conservation Area

The Limehouse Conservation Area has just under 5 kilometers of trail in total, which may deter some hikers from visiting the area. Nonetheless, the area makes for an interesting day excursion. The Kiln Trail, although short, features reconstructed limestone kilns and ruins along its length. Other trails feature outcrops of the Niagara Escarpment. The Bruce Trail runs through 1.5 kilometers of the park, connecting Limehouse to other conservation areas in Halton Hills. This section of the trail goes through the “Hole-in-the-Wall,” which you’ll need to navigate via two ladders, then goes along the former Toronto Suburban Radial Railway line, as well as crossing Black Creek. The area is known for deep rock fissures and crevices, so even though the trails aren’t very long, there’s plenty to explore on a hiking excursion in this Niagara Escarpment conservation area.

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