6 Must-Try German Beer Concoctions

6 Must-Try German Beer Concoctions

The German culture is often seen as the forefather of beer. They’re the ones who helped pioneer its taste and have worked to create the widespread flavor options that are available today. From the darkest, most flavorful brews, to those that are light and airy, perhaps even laced with fruit, it’s a culture that has stood by the development of beer. Good and bad – they know flavor when they taste it. This is why it is not that surprising to discover that they experiment with stuff more than anyone else. If you’re headed to Germany, testing out a new restaurant, or just want to try these mixtures at home, be sure to be on the lookout for the following beer concoctions.

6. Shandies

A Shandy consists of any mixture that’s made with beer and a non-alcoholic filler, such as lemonade, ginger ale, or juices. Think man-mosa, like beer and orange juice for an American equivalent. Generally mixing half and half to even out flavors without leaving too high of an alcohol content; German beers are generally quite high in alcohol percentages. There are also canned versions available throughout North America. Because the shandy is so universal, consider mixing and matching your favorites to come up with new flavors. Though it’s best made with a dark or more flavorful beer, these concoctions are also known as a Biermischgetränke, which translates to “beer-based mixed drink”. They’re seen as a way to add flavor, prevent dehydration, discourage becoming drunk mid-day (Germans often drink beer early in the day), and to create more refreshing drinks, especially in the summer.

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