6 Essential Croatian Destinations

6 Essential Croatian Destinations

It seems like everyone and their dog is flocking to Croatia these days, and for good reason; this country is has everything- beaches, nightlife, history, culture, scenery… all at a relatively low price.  So naturally, it is hard to find a time of the year when Croatia is not overwhelmed with tourists.  But, there are still places you can go that are still undiscovered; little hidden pieces of paradise there just for you with all the wonders of Croatia and none of the crowds.

6. Istria

Located in Western Croatia, Istria is more remote than some of the other Croatian destinations, which is why it has remained hidden from the tourists for so long.  If you are feeling an Italian influence in this part of the country, you are not wrong; Istria has a heavy Italian population and is rich in vineyards, wine and olive oil, rolling hills and rustic hill towns.  Best reached by car, this mode of transportation gives you the chance to really soak in the atmosphere and the scenery; you can stay as long as you want, go where you feel, and you don’t have to be reliant on bus transportation. Istria has a plethora of small towns with friendly locals and amazing food- be sure to try a fresh pasta dish with truffles local to the area!

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