6 Awesome Boutique Wineries to Visit in Napa

6 Awesome Boutique Wineries to Visit in Napa

Although you can still find a few snobs willing to dismiss Californian wines, the wines that have been produced in the Napa Valley since the 1960s have helped earned California a reputation as a place for both winemakers and wine tourists. However, the growth of wineries has meant more commercialized wines. Tastings and tours have also declined. These six wineries buck the trend and focus on limited production wine with regional distinction. Their enthusiasm encourages them to share their love of great wine with like-minded folks, and so they also make great stops on any wine tour through the Valley.

6. Del Dotto Vineyards

A small, family-run operation, Del Dotto focuses on producing premium, small-batch wines—to great success! Experimenting with both ancient and modern wine-making techniques, Del Dotto sources their grapes from family-owned vineyards scattered throughout the Napa Valley region, making for unique blends and flavorful wines that reflect the region’s diversity. Renowned not only for wine, Del Dotto has become a destination for those seeking a Napa Valley experience because of their award-winning hospitality. At both winery locations, cave tours and bar wine tastings are offered by reservation. You can also sample the Del Dotto delicacies, a food and wine pairing experience curated by the estate’s executive chef. Both the food and wine pairing and the cave tour received Cellarpass Destination of the Year awards in 2015. For those particularly intrigued, the winery offers a VIP club, with additional events and special reserve wines for members.

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