5 Reasons You Must Visit Albania

5 Reasons You Must Visit Albania

If you are telling people you are off to visit Albania, you are often met with shocked responses, like “why there”, or “but it isn’t safe!”. The truth is, Albania is a country so filled with natural beauty and cultural vibrancy, you will be wondering why more people aren’t flocking to this underrated country. As for safety, the people of Albania are extremely open and welcoming, eager to accept travelers and show off their country.  It had a rough past, but that park of what makes this country so enthralling; Albania has persevered and come out the other side an even better version of itself. The only concern now is how to get there faster!

5. Tirana

Tirana, Albania’s capital city is all at once relaxing and overwhelming, chaotic and friendly, familiar yet adventurous. It is a colorful city, a little rough around the edges, but with plenty of culture and architecture -cementing its status as one of the “It” European capitals. Head out in the morning to enjoy the locals hard at work, and then find a café and indulge in a hot (but thick) cup of coffee and a pastry. The food in Tirana is some of most comforting you will find anywhere; plates of fresh veggies and bowls of stewed meats and bread often arrive at your table family style, all while being friendly on your wallet! The people are what make Tirana so enjoyable; the historical landmarks are beautiful, but the locals are so hard working and charming, you cannot help but feel the sense of pride right along with them.

Tirana Albania
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