5 Pizzas You Need to Try in Europe

5 Pizzas You Need to Try in Europe

Throughout its lifespan, pizza has grown to be a universal substance. A meal that we all have grown to love and enjoy – topped with virtually any kind of meat, sauce, and vegetable combinations. It’s grown beyond its original fare and into something incredible: the ability to mix and match any flavor to create something unique and delicious. While still being known as pizza. When not cooking at home, however, the pros are getting into this flavor expansion, too. Adding fruits, olives, and layers and layers of native goodies to their very own recipes. In Europe especially, their homegrown goodies are something to talk about for miles around – though generally featuring “normal” pizza toppings. Even long past the vacation is over and you’re back home, eating regular pizza once again (but still dreaming about what could have been across the pond). On your next overseas vacation, be sure and test out these delicious blends and gain a taste for yourself!

5. Grilled Pizzas

It might sound unorthodox, but in European countries, this is one of the premiere ways to cook their doughy slices. It works by placing the entire thing on a grill and letting it absorb that smoky flavor. Not to mention a perfectly crisp crust once cooked. Pro chefs use grills with traditional grates, while the layman might use a slab to ensure nothing slips into the coals. Either way, it’s worth a taste test (or two) – these flavorful pieces are hard to beat!

Grilled pizza
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