5 Must-Visit Destinations in Washington, D.C. for Families

5 Must-Visit Destinations in Washington, D.C. for Families

With hundreds of monuments, museums, and memorials to choose from, a visit to D.C. can quickly turn overwhelming as you try to cram everything in. Add kids to the mix and things just get even more exhausting! Luckily, the United States’ capital is quite family-friendly — you just have to know which activates will most captivate your wee ones. For a visit to D.C. that’s energizing and educational for the entire family (instead of exhausting), incorporate a trip to a few of these spots full of family fun into your itinerary:

5. National Air and Space Museum

At over 160,000 square feet, D.C.’s National Air and Space Museum can feel a bit overwhelming — kind of like space itself! Kids, however, will marvel over super cool aircrafts and spaceships, and there are opportunities for hands-on fun, too. The museum often hosts observation events, where guests can use the incredibly powerful telescopes at the museum to get a glimpse of unusual happenings in the sky, like lunar eclipses. Plus, the IMAX theater at the museum brings the joy and mystery of airplanes and space travel to vivid life; the huge screens and surround sound systems completely envelop viewers. If you’re visiting with very young ones, they’ll enjoy the museum’s “story time” series, where they’ll be enthralled by tales of trips to mars, hot-air balloon journeys, and more.

National Air and Space Museum

4. Tidal Basin

Toting the little ones around to all of D.C.’s monuments can be totally exhausting … but there’s one stop you can’t miss. Young families will love the Tidal Basin, with its unparalleled views of the stately domed Jefferson Memorial. Why? Two words: paddle boats. Yep, nothing will get your kids excited about monuments like the chance to paddle their way through the shallow tidal basin, powering their boats with just their feet. The Tidal Basin Paddle Boat rental company offers both two-person and four-person boats for rent. You can either paddle through the basin as a family, or split up and see who can race to the Jefferson Memorial the fastest.

Tidal Basin washington
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