5 Most Unique Coffee Shops in Hamilton, ON Photo by: Hamilton Food Tours

5 Most Unique Coffee Shops in Hamilton, ON

As any coffee-drinker knows, the quality of that first cup (or of the afternoon jolt) can sometimes have a pretty serious impact on a person’s day, whether it’s justified or not. Luckily, thanks to the state of the country’s business landscape, Canadians are provided with endless coffee-providing options, from huge national and international conglomerates that are seemingly available on every corner to tiny, independently owned establishments that, though harder to get to, never fail to impress both in quality of service and product. While most would agree that the Tim Hortons’, Second Cups and Starbucks’ of the world are definitely a more convenient option for those constantly on the move, sometimes it’s nice to slow it down and indulge in a truly well-made cup of coffee in a place that is brimming with personality. For those interested in supporting local business, or just looking for a change from the virtually atmosphere-devoid franchises, here are 5 awesome independently-owned coffee houses to check out in Hamilton:

5. Johnny’s Coffee

Located on Hamilton’s Locke Street, Johnny’s Coffee is a continuously top rated joint serving hand-crafted brew and a variety of on-the-go eats. Housed in a unique building with exposed brick walls and art-deco style décor, customers can’t help but fall into the comfortable vibe of the place, whether they are just grabbing a cup for the road or settling in with their laptops. The house also boasts an expansive patio, and proudly supports local and environmentally conscious suppliers and producers.

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