5 European Fall Festivals to Beat the Winter Blues Photo by: Lollapalooza Berlin

5 European Fall Festivals to Beat the Winter Blues

Summer is over, thus the days are shorter, the air is colder, and the hats and gloves are out…but, just because the snow is coming does not mean we should go into hibernation! With all the rocking fall festivals in the lineup across the pond, now is the perfect time to head to Europe (and make your summer vacation last just a little bit longer)!

5. Oktoberfest, Germany

Beer lovers and partiers rejoice! Munich is the stomping grounds for Oktoberfest, an all-you-can-drink beer festival from September 19th to October 4th, 2015.  While Oktoberfest is held all over Germany, Munich is where all the real action is. This event is worth planning a trip to Europe, and although the festival has already passed, it books up quick, so get ahead of the game and start planning! This festival is all about pounding back a pint (or several) with the locals, who are up at the crack of dawn drinking, celebrating, and loving life. What better time to join in on the fun! Das Boot anyone?

4. Festes de la Mercè, Spain

Year round is a giant street party in Barcelona, so for there to be a festival at the end of September claiming to be the city’s greatest party, you know it has to be epic. From the 18th to the 24th of September, the festival is the official send-off of summer, and the city bids adieu with a bang. The streets literally come alive with fire during the Correfoc (there is a slightly less intense fire run for kids earlier in the day, while the event for adults waits until dusk), and many parades and street vendors invade the city with music, dance, great food and delicious drink. You’ll see street performers, human pyramids, projection shows, and all the fun you can possibly imagine. It is not just for the tourists, the locals anticipate this event all summer. But come to Barcelona for this festival and you can’t help but be thankful that summer has gone. It’s an unforgettable festival sure to keep you energized for the coming winter.

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