5 American National Landmarks That Deserve a Trip All Their Own

5 American National Landmarks That Deserve a Trip All Their Own

It’s the red, white, and blue, the old tried and true. A country that’s so happy about its patriotism, that it took more than a flag to tell you about it. It took thousands of flags, tons of poems and songs, landmarks, countless t-shirts and other paraphernalia, and they’re still not done telling you about it. At the bottom of all that pride, however, rests several perks to the American way. One of which is the ability to travel and see some seriously amazing sights. Ones that were put into place to honor the very country they reside in. From former presidents’ faces that were carved into a mountain, to a statue made to welcome traveling immigrants, to national parks that were put into place just to preserve the area’s incredible nature, here are five top American landmarks that without a doubt, deserve a visit of their own.

5. The Statue of Liberty

For decades, this green lady welcomed all who sailed in to the United States. Located off the coast of New York City, she faces just outside of Ellis Island, where immigrants were funneled through once traveling to America. Her tall torch represents a land of freedom, while her book shows a freedom of religion and speech. Once colored copper (as it’s made from that very metal), she’s since turned green with years of weather and sea exposure. A change that has since helped further her iconic state. Visitors can travel up inside this massive monument, check out the museum, or even head over to the Ellis Island welcoming center and look up relatives’ information. As a strange bonus fact, the statue is actually French; it was a gift from the country to America handed off in 1886.

statue of liberty
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