13 Things to See and Do on Hawaii’s Big Island

13 Things to See and Do on Hawaii’s Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii is exactly what it sounds like, the biggest island among all the islands of Hawaii. It is also the youngest, most diverse in landscapes and many argue is the most fascinating of all. Packed with volcanoes, beaches, reefs and fascinating cultural sites; a trip to the Big Island would not be complete without exploring at least some of our recommendations. From waterfalls to night scuba diving with manta rays, from local hot pools to red hot lava views; there is something for everyone to discover. Sit back, relax and read on to discover why you should be planning your next trip to the “Big Island”

1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

A visit to the Big Island isn’t complete with a trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. First head to the Visitors Center where there are always helpful rangers to point out the numerous hiking trails, best vantage points and will tell you about any  trail closures. You will want to hike through the Indiana Jones like lava tube to the devastation trail; where the lava has incinerated everything as far as the eye can see. Watch steam vents explode into the air and be awed by the desolate beauty that surrounds you. Head to the Jagger Center Museum which is home to one of the best views of the volcano and houses interesting displays and information about the park. Head to The Rim restaurant in the Volcano House for an awe-inspiring view of the glowing caldera after dark and enjoy some excellent food.

Lava Tunnels Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
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