13 Things to See and Do in Oahu

13 Things to See and Do in Oahu

Oahu often gets a bad reputation as being the Island with the most hustle and bustle, the most traffic and for being the most commercialized. Although Honolulu is often busy and boasts world-class shopping, restaurants and entertainment; there’s more to the island of Oahu than just this well-known town. From hidden waterfalls deep in the jungle to zip-lining through mountains and valleys; Oahu is full of surprises. Home to the National Historic Landmark of Pearl Harbor, the famous Waikiki Beach and volcanic craters; this island can be anything you want it to be. From education to relaxation; we invite you to enjoy these 13 things you must see and do while visiting Oahu.

1. Kaena Point

A rugged coastline with crashing waves, blue skies, and an abundance of wildlife awaits you on the hike to Kaena Point. Located on the western tip of Oahu, this dramatic lava shoreline is said to be the place where souls of ancient Hawaiians would jump into the spirit world to meet the souls of their ancestors. The only way to get to Kaena Point is to hike and while it is a long hike (apx 5 miles return); if you pack plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen, the hike is well worth it. Keep your eyes peeled for the endangered monk seals, humpback whales (in the winter), dolphins and the large sea cave; Kaneana, where legend has it the shark man Nanue resided. At low tide head down to the small tide pools and discover the shells and tiny tropical marine life within.  With a cool breeze, the brilliant sun shining and spectacular views; there’s nowhere else you will want to be.

Kaena Point
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