The Top Things to See and Do in Madison, Wisconsin

The Top Things to See and Do in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is Wisconsin’s scenic state capital. Built around five beautiful lakes, the city and its surrounding suburbs are home to about 650,000 people. However, Madison offers a range of things to see and do that put it on par with much larger cities. It’s a hub of Midwest culture, with live performances and events throughout the year. The city is also well-known for having a highly educated population, and it is one of the region’s best places to raise a family. Many students from the city’s University of Wisconsin campus end up sticking around after graduation, just because Madison is so livable.

If you’re in town, these 12 recommended activities will help ensure you have a pleasant and memorable visit:

12. Marvel at the Wisconsin State Capitol

The Wisconsin State Capitol is famous for its Roman-inspired headquarters, which is home to the only classical granite dome ceiling in the entire country. In addition to this awe-inspiring architectural feature, the Wisconsin State Capitol building is also constructed from more than 40 different varieties of stone, and features hand-crafted antique furnishings and beautiful wall murals. The building is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful state capitols in the U.S., and if you’re visiting during the summer months, you can also head to the observation deck for panoramic vistas of the city and its famous lakes.

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