12 Things to See and Do in Antarctica

12 Things to See and Do in Antarctica

Antarctica; a place where only 40,000 people visit each year, a landscape so strikingly beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s real, a continent so isolated it takes two days of intense crossing through the Drake Passage to reach it. This is a continent full of wildlife including whales, penguins and seals and a continent worth exploring in your lifetime. From kayaking next to glaciers to discovering the eight species of penguins that call this place home, here are 12 of the top things to see and do while visiting this incredible continent.

12. Visit Deception Island

Often called an island of doom, it was once a whaler’s station and now all that is left is giant rusting barrels that once boiled whale fat, decaying whale bones on the beach and a sense of gloom in the air. It happens to be one of the safest harbors in the world, as it is protected by high cliffs and a narrow entrance. Visiting here is a unique experience, as it tells the tales of the greed of men and creates a stark looking landscape, with an abundance of black lava sand. Visitors can hike up the mountains for incredible views, take a plunge in the waters that are said to be warmer than anywhere else on the continent due to the volcanic heat or enjoy watching the playful penguins. Described as a landscape from another planet, this is one island you won’t want to miss.

Antarctica deception island
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