12 Things to Love About Ibiza

12 Things to Love About Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is well-known for its lively nightlife scene, beautiful beaches and more than six million tourists who visit it each year. This is holy ground for clubbers, nature lovers and those looking to get away from it all. Beyond the beach clubs and epic sunsets, there is another side of Ibiza with deserted beaches, crystal clear water for snorkeling, delicious dining options and a city full of history. Discover the best of Ibiza with these 12 things that we absolutely love about the island.

12. Passion Café

With four locations across Ibiza you won’t have to look very far to find these ever popular juice/smoothie cafes and restaurants. Although not hailed as a fully vegetarian café, the emphasis here is on vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic and raw food dishes. Talk to any regular Ibiza islander and they will you tell this is the first place to head to cure that post-Pacha hangover. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner the most popular location here may be Santa Eulalia with its spectacular sea views. The newest location in the chain, it is cozy, airy, bright and oozing with good energy. Whether you are stopping in for an early morning smoothie or lingering over a romantic dinner, make sure to check out these incredible cafes.

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