12 Ontario Parks to Visit this Year

12 Ontario Parks to Visit this Year

Ontario is a province full of beautiful lakes, rivers, cliffs, waterfalls and forests, spread out across magnificent parks. Many of these parks come loaded with campgrounds, hiking opportunities, lakes to canoe in and beauty to marvel at. Families looking to spend a week will have no problem finding sandy beaches, family friendly campgrounds and plenty of space for the kids to run around. Back-country enthusiasts are in luck as many of Ontario’s parks cater to them with hike-in campsites, inter-connected waterways and a range for trails. From an underwater marine park to the most famous park in Ontario, you won’t want to miss out on visiting these 12 Ontario parks this year.

12. Fathom Five National Marine Park

Just north of Tobermory is Fathom Five National Marine Park, home to more than a dozen shipwrecks, of which some are heavily overgrown. This freshwater ecosystem of ancient rock formations, cliff-edge forests and beautiful orchid species combined with fascinating dive sites makes this a must visit in Ontario. The park’s 22 shipwrecks, mostly schooners, barges and steamers make for some of the best scuba diving in North America. They happen to be some of the oldest and best-preserved wrecks in Canada, with many dating back to the 1800’s. If you don’t scuba dive there are other ways to enjoy these wrecks including fully-equipped glass-bottom boats that take visitors for tours. Another population attraction is Flowerpot, a rock pillar that is in the shape of a huge vase located on Flowerpot Island.

Fathom Five National Marine Park, Ontario
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