12 Extreme Ocean Adventures


10. Snorkel in Antarctica

The crystal clear waters of Antarctica beg to be discovered, not just from the surface but from below. Luckily for those extreme sports enthusiasts who don’t mind getting suited up for some extremely cold water, there are a number of different companies offering the chance to snorkel in these incredible waters. Prepare to witness wildlife and scenery like you have never seen before, such as neighboring seals and penguins that jump in and out of the water with amazing speeds. Witness marine life such as crustaceans, isopods, starfish and nudibranchs, creatures you could never witness by staying above ground. Companies offer the latest and greatest in terms of gear and you won’t have to worry about being cold in these icy waters. Think off-shore islands, secluded bays and abandoned shipwrecks in this extreme ocean adventure.

Snorkel Antarctica

9. Jetpack, Mexico

If you have ever dreamt about flying, this extreme ocean adventure is for you. Jetpack is the new and exhilarating sport that gives you an awesome adrenaline rush. Basically a water-propelled jetpack is strapped to your back and off you go flying through the skies. Extreme sports enthusiasts will have to be over 18 to try their hand at this sport, although 16 and 17-year-old’s can go with written consent from a guardian. Imagine flying high above the water, with only your hands controlling where you will go and how fast. As an added sport, flyboarding is now becoming just as popular. A board is strapped to your feet and your arms are strapped onto hand jets which propel you into the air. By shifting your weight on the board and using the jets you can count on having one heck of a ride.

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