12 Delicacies To Enjoy In Europe

12 Delicacies To Enjoy In Europe

People visit Europe for a myriad of reasons. From centuries old buildings and stunning architecture, to historical landmarks, culture, and natural wonder. These are all excellent reasons to take a trip to this diverse and multicultural continent. However, there is perhaps no reason more satisfying than for the food. Each country has their own list of delicacies, but some stand out more than others. So be prepared for an intense and unrelenting hunger pang as you read about these 12 European delicacies sure to overwhelm (in the best way) any travel-minded foodie.

12. Baklava

Crispy, wafer-thin layers of pastry, interwoven with walnuts or roasted pistachios and topped with mountains of fresh, rich honey or sugar syrup – this is one delicacy you don’t want to leave Europe without trying. If possible, be sure to enjoy sitting on a cliff, watching the sun set over the Mediterranean.


11. Gelato

Who can go to Europe without gelato? Usually enjoyed and sought after in Italy, but gelato is delicious and homemade in many European countries, like Spain and France. For the best gelato, it must be creamy and rich, while being light and airy. You will know you have found a good place when you finish your cone in less than 30 seconds. The most difficult part is deciding on a flavor. There’s an easy solution for that though – try every single one!

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