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12 Awesome Images from Vivid Sydney Festival

Sydney is a vibrant city, the largest population center in Australia, and, as such, has much to offer, from its cuisine to its landmarks. One of the city’s major events, held every winter (Australian winter that is), is the Vivid Sydney festival. Supported by the New South Wales government and wrapping up its 7th year in early June, Vivid is a unique combination of music, lights and ideas. Art and technology come together during the festival, delighting locals and tourists alike, but a picture’s worth 1,000 words—so don’t take my word for it. Let these 12 awesome images tell the story instead!

12. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Standing on Sydney’s North Shore and glancing across the bay to the Central Business District during Vivid Sydney, you’d see something similar to this picture. The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, built in 1932, gets decked out in lights every year during Vivid Sydney action, illuminating the way for would-be revelers, beckoning them to join in the fun on the other side of the water. The Harbour Bridge is often a central part of big events, such as the 2000 Olympics and annual New Year’s Eve celebrations, and Vivid is no exception. Much of the city’s CBD is lit up in a multitude of changing colors. At various points during the 2015 festival, the Harbour Bridge itself wore just about every color under the sun. This shot from June 5, the closing days of the festival, shows the bridge wearing patriotic blue, white and red—the colors of the Australian flag.

11. Exposed

Vivid Sydney is as much about light as it is about celebrating arts and culture, so it only makes sense that each edition of the festival features many art installations around the city, such as this sculpture from the 2015 festival. This sculpture featured 3 giant humanoid figures. Entitled “Exposed,” the figures were transparent, which provided a window unto their “inner worlds.” Like many of the sculpture pieces featured at Vivid Sydney over the years, this piece makes ample use of LED lights to illuminate the construction. In shedding light on an “interior world,” this piece asks us to stop and think about the inner worlds each of us has hidden away beneath our skin. Not only is the piece a visual delight, with a plethora of colors and patterns, but it’s thought-provoking as well—as the very best art should be.

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