12 Awesome Free Tokyo Experiences

12 Awesome Free Tokyo Experiences

Tokyo, Japan is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world and continues to dazzle visitors with its bright lights and contrasting traditional culture. What’s even better is that this city is full of awesome experiences that won’t cost you a dime! From testing out the newest products of Sony to paying your respects at a famous shrine to watching the sumo wrestlers in action; here are 12 awesome free experiences in Tokyo.

12. Visit a Photo Gallery

You will be taking plenty of photos in Tokyo but if you feel like putting down the pictures and checking out some professional pictures, there are plenty of opportunities in this city. Fuji, Canon, Nikon and Kodak all have photo showrooms that visitors are welcome to check out. They feature both professional and amateur photographers and most of them even have a small camera museum within them. Most of these galleries are open from Monday to Saturday throughout the day and many feature English guides. In most of these galleries are displays of products as well. As a side note, the Shiseido Gallery also offers free admission that hosts photographic exhibitions.

11. Explore the Showrooms

The best showroom in all of Tokyo is Sony as it takes up four floors of the impressive 11-storey Sony Building. On a visit here, you can get your hands on the latest Sony products, some of which aren’t even for sale yet. This is definitely a hands-on showroom with staff encouraging you to try out the latest video cameras, listen to the car stereos, play a little Playstation and marvel at the newest computers. Other awesome showrooms in Tokyo include the Toto flagship showroom where visitors can check out the latest in high-end toilet and bath technology. The “washlet” toilets are always a hit here as the seats are heated; a nozzle squirts you with warm water, dries you with air and uses a remote control. Visitors can also see what a $30,000 bathtub looks like! Other popular showrooms include Panasonic and many of the high end fashion designers.

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