The Top Things To See And Do In San Jose, California

The Top Things To See And Do In San Jose, California

California isn’t just for surfers, actors and wine connoisseurs, despite what the commercials promoting tourism will suggest to you. If you want proof of that, visit San Jose. The city boasts some of the most beautiful park lands in the country and offers plenty of family friendly tourist spots that are worth checking out. If you want an exciting opportunity to get close to nature, you can do that. If you want to see beautiful architecture and learn all about the history of the city and the state, you can do that too.

Between the fun and excitement of checking out the San Jose Sharks at the HP Pavilion and the serenity of places like the Los Gatos Creek Trail, you’ll be able to experience a wide variety of excitement and relaxation when you visit. The number one spot to visit in the city appeals particularly to those interested in classical music, but if that’s not your thing, check out one of the other 11 Things To See And Do In San Jose, California.

11. The Tech Museum Of Innovation

The Tech Museum Of Innovation has something for everyone. It’s got an amazing 3-D IMAX theater that plays Hollywood movies…something not too many science/tech related exploration venues can lay claim to. As of this writing, you can watch the hit sci-fi film Interstellar inside. Apart from the theater, there are plenty of cool exhibits to check out, including an earthquake experience that mimics what it would be like to feel the ground shake under your feet all of a sudden. All in all, you and the kids can spend at least 2 hours there with lots to see.

Like most tourist attractions, if you plan to eat a meal with the family at the Tech Museum Of Innovation, be prepared to spend or otherwise pack your own snacks. There are also hands on workshops available that teach you all about science, however you should know that most of them are geared towards children. That said, if you need to keep the kids busy and they’ve complained that they’re bored of doing adult stuff, a visit here will re-invigorate them and make them love mom and dad again. As an adult, if you just want a way to kill some time and have fun for a while, there are definitely worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Tech Museum Of Innovation San Jose
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