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11 Things to See and Do in Liverpool, England

Liverpool, in the county of Merseyside, England is well known for being the birthplace of the iconic band The Beatles and the Liverpool FC soccer team. Although these internationally recognized symbols may draw the immediate eye, the underbrush of history and architecture awaits those who take the time to discover it. An array of bright lights, monumental-sized buildings, and some sneaky artwork lie in wait for the would-be traveler, making Liverpool a location of particular interest to those looking to find a new favorite place to visit.

11. Formby Point

Picturesque sandy beaches wait at Formby Point, with activities only limited by the imagination. Sea grass-covered sand dunes sit just feet from the shore; these ever-changing dunes are just one of many natural features. Behind the magnificent view lie pine woodlands, home to the protected and rarely seen red squirrels. Occasionally, a herd of sheep my greet visitors as well. Prehistoric footprints have also been discovered under the sand, which can be discovered by a guided walk with an archaeologist. Other activities include geocaching, bird spotting and cycling tours.

Formby Point
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