Things to See and Do in Jacksonville, Florida

Things to See and Do in Jacksonville, Florida

A vacation to Florida may not bring the city of Jacksonville to the top of everyone’s list. With Disney World, Universal Studios and the beaches of Miami as major attractions, it is easy to overlook the city with a population of over 800,000. However, this list serves as a tide-turner or breakdown of pull factors that should drive anyone with a keen interest in culture, sports or the environment to the northeast-Florida location. As the biggest city in terms of area in the contiguous United States, Jacksonville is certainly hard to drive through once travelers know the items listed as the number of attractions dives well into the hundreds on most travel listings. Below are 10 of the best things to see and do when heading through the southern states on a long drive, multi-day stop-over or a tour of some of the nicest stadiums the United States has to offer.

11. Castaway Island Preserve

For nearly 50 years the Castaway Island Preserve has worked to create the largest urban park system in the United States. It acts to protect the most vulnerable of lands in North Florida. The Timucuan trail of public parks is the spawn of these lands.

Through a plethora of partnerships including conservancies, water management departments and the National Park Service the system of urban parks has grown from 30,000 acres to 80,000. With undeniable beauty and so much to see, the parks tell a historical and cultural story that is almost inconceivable. From forestry to ponds, the trails take any visitor on a walk through many different types of vegetation. Perfect for the environmentally savvy, Castaway Island Preserve is sure to impress anyone from hikers to families with little ones. The naturally preserved landscape provides a different look of continental America, one that is not seen in any areas surrounding other budding metropolis.

Castaway Island Preserve
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